Full range of couplers & clamps designed for easy, simple and fast erection of rigid tubes structures by hand with minimum of tools.
Most commonly used in handrailing, safety guardrailing, fences, playground equipment, staircase, billboards, greenhouses,…
From Ø 27 mm to 60 mm.

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The modular AXPrim scaffolding is a complete, robust and all-purpose system, which adapts to all building and industry works: refineries, shipyards, historic buildings, power plants, offshore platforms, etc.
It is a system made of metrical bays, hot dip galvanized, consisting of three main components: Standards, ledgers, diagonal braces.

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Steel frame scaffolding 0.74 m wide with automatic lock pin system, complying with the European Standards NF EN 12-810 part 1, 2 and 3 and NF EN 12-811 parts 1 and 2. Hot dip galvanizing 80 microns in compliance with EN40.

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Formwork Accessories

Full range of formwork accessories 15-17 mm or 20-23 mm, all panels brands compatible.
Nuts, tie rods, anchor plate & feet, expandable steel plug,…

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Scaffolding accessories

Full range of scaffolding accessories, all scaffolding brands compatible.
Couplers & clamps, base jacks, tubes, anchorage, nets, caster wheel,…

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Rolling tower Platforms P.I.R - compact & folding rolling individual platform Truck acces Scaffolding decks Base work access Bridge Caged ladders
AXALU Pricelist 2015

Complete range of aluminium access and scaffoldings: Rolling tower, Platforms, P.I.R - compact & folding rolling individual platform, Truck acces, Scaffolding decks, Basework access, Bridge, Caged ladders, Formwork materials, Slab acces, Ladders, Stepladders, Specific use, Special purpose scaffolding, Footboard.

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