Scaffolding solutions

Axmann is specialized in providing quality scaffolding parts and accessories. Most scaffolding parts and accessories are in stock and available for world-wide delivery. We can several kind of scaffolding according to your needs, frame, modular, kwickstage or cuplock scaffolding.

Axprim scaffolding solutions

The AXPrimmodular scaffolding solution is a complete, robust and multi-purpose system, designed to adapt to all building and industrial usages : refineries, shipyards, historic buildings, power plants, offshore platforms, etc…

The AXPrim scaffolding solution is a system made of hot dip galvanized metrical bays, consisting of three main components ( Standards Ledgers Diagonal braces ) and a full range of accessories such as steel/alumunium/plywood planks, access plank, stairs access, mobile tower

Scaffolding accessories

All accessories are all scaffolding brands compatible : Layher, Tubesca Comabi, Entrepose, Altrad Plettac, Mills, Alphi, Jalmat,…

Clamp, couplers, swivel or fix, black or galvanized, with wedges or nuts & bolts. Available in many diameters :

Ø 34 x 34 / Ø 42 x 42 / Ø 49 x 49 / Ø 50 x 50 / Ø 60 x 49 / Ø 60 x 60 / Ø 76 x 49 / Ø 76 x 60 / Ø 76 x 76

Special clamps such as putlog coupler, gravlock, toeboards, lattice beam, sleeve couplers and joint pins.

Security locking systems, conical, flip lock, thread dowel, omega and gravity pins

Base jacks, adjustable, swivel or simple base, for scaffolding or shoring tubes. Protection foot plate.

Anchoring systems with eye bolts, nylon plug, anchorage tubes, anchor jack, nets, tarpaulin, straps.

Steel tubes thickness 3.2 mm, castor wheel, ratchet wrench.

Shoring accessories

Frame, U head screw jack, U head fork, base jack, shoring steel plank, KV or cross braces

Formwork accessories

Accessories for formwork 15-17 & 20-23 mm Dywidag tie rods, black or galvanized, all decking brands compatible : Sateco, Hussor, Outinord, Peri, Cofreco,…

Single, 2, 3 wings nuts or hexagonal nuts. Water stopper, recess cone, anchor plate & feet, expandable steel plug.

Nut with free plate & square formwork nuts.

Wedge clamps, spring wedge & tensor clamps

Guidelines for Construction & Fixings

Please note that the ultimate responsibility for the correct choice of size and type of fitting for any application belongs with the customer. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the construction or structure is sufficiently strong to support the weight of its component parts plus any applied load, and that suitable fixings are used. We do not recommend that Axclamp fittings are welded and we strongly recommend that types 132 and 152 are always used where baseplates are required, fitted so that the fixing holes are in line with the applied load. To provide sufficient stability, whole structures must not be made from swivel fittings alone.

In order to determine the correct choice of fixing for any given application, please contact a reputable distributor or manufacturer of fixings. Please note that chemical anchors may need to be specified in order to meet 740N/m and 1500N/m design loads. The strength of any fixed tubular structure is dependent not only on the choice of fittings, tube and any fasteners used, but also the civil structure (eg. concrete slab, wall etc.) to which it is fixed.